Areas of Expertise

General Counsel
for Businesses

We represent emerging businesses in the El Paso area. Our work may span from the creation of the business entity to providing general counsel to develop contracts, employment agreements and policies that comply with local and state regulations. We also provide counsel related to qualifications and compliances with SBA programs. Obtaining proactive legal counsel helps our clients provide better work environments for employees and avoid pitfalls that could lead to costly lawsuits down the road.

If litigation is the best course of action, we have the experience necessary to handle your case through trial. We’ll take the time to explain the process to you and provide an honest assessment of the costs associated with litigation.

Family Law

In family law, emotions can run high, especially when it involves divorce, child custody or other contentious matters. We empathize with our clients and work together to reduce friction and achieve the best possible outcomes. Our priority is safety of our clients and their children.

Clients building their families through adoption will benefit from our knowledge of adoption law, including infant adoptions, step-parent adoptions, grandparent/relative adoptions and more.

Our family law practice includes divorce, contested child custody cases, post-divorce modifications of child support and access-possession, enforcement of court orders, adoptions and prenuptial/postnuptial agreements.

Estate Planning
& Probate

Navigating end of life decisions can be overwhelming. Planning before the inevitable can ease the stress. Planning can include creating a will, executing general and medical powers of attorney, preparing directives to physicians, HIPAA releases, designating guardians for minor children, setting up trusts, planning for the disposal of remains and more. We help our clients get their wishes in writing so they can enjoy their life by knowing their loved ones won’t be burdened by having to make hard decisions for them. Additionally, estate planning can help avoid the necessity of a probate proceeding.

The probate process provides direction for families after the death of a loved one. It ensures the will is carried out as the deceased intended, or, in the event there isn’t a will, that the deceased’s property is distributed according to Texas law.

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal criminal laws and federal sentencing guidelines are vast and nuanced. Our expertise and knowledge of federal criminal law is extensive. When we represent you, we’ll be by your side, making sure you understand your rights and your options during each phase of the case.

Credit Unions

Our work for local credit unions includes collection litigation from the initial demand through abstract of judgment, vendor contract review and general legal counsel.